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On Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, Corpus Christi voters decided overwhelmingly that they wanted to move away from politics as usual and elected a new mayor and four new council members to serve on the Corpus Christi City Council.

Thirty seven  days later the newly elected mayor resigned.

Voters in November indicated to me through their votes that they want to see change.  They want:

  1. To wake up not having to worry about another water boil.
  2. To see measurable improvements over the next two years in streets with approved bond projects underway and completed.
  3. Careful management of resources and tax dollars.
  4. Improved communications between the city and citizens.
  5. A mayor who will unify the many diverse groups in our city and make the tough decisions

I think I have shown that you can trust me to achieve your goals and that is why I am running for Mayor of Corpus Christi in the May 6th election.

Many of you know me. In addition to being active in our community for decades, I served two terms on city council in the late 1980s and 1990s. I was a Nueces County Commissioner from 1995 to 2002 and from 2011 to 2014. I understand city government and how it needs to work to benefit all of the people. Last year, after recognizing the issues facing our city, I decided to run for an at-large seat on our city council. You elected me with more votes than any other at-large candidate. I thank you and appreciate your confidence. Now I am asking for your help again.

I can’t promise you that I can solve all the problems immediately, but I can promise you that I will work to make Corpus Christi the best city it can be.  I will be a leader with integrity who you can trust.

It is time that we tackled the issues facing our city and make sure you are provided the right kind of basic services while improving our infrastructure and economic development efforts. I understand that at some point you have to forget all the thrills and frills and get back to the basics. As your mayor, I promise you that I will:

  • Take care of business
  • Deliver what I promise
  • Hear everybody’s concerns
  • Be willing to make decisions.

I will also continue to prioritize finding the correct funding mechanisms for street repairs; ensure the integrity of the water, wastewater and storm water systems; and make adjustments in the budget to prioritize spending.

Working together we can solve any issue facing our city and keep Corpus Christi the best place in the United States to live, work and raise our families.